3 Goals Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Spending time on your massage therapist's table can be a great way to boost your overall health. Massage has many benefits that range from the release of lymphatic fluids to the relaxation of both mind and body.

Deep tissue massage techniques can be considered painful by some patients. Clearly identifying the goals of a deep tissue massage will allow you to better understand why this massage technique can create some discomfort.

1. Target Deep Muscles

Chronic pain and soreness is often the result of tension in muscles that lie deep beneath the surface of your skin. The long, soothing strokes that characterize a Swedish massage will not affect these deep muscles. Instead, your massage therapist will need to apply forceful pressure to the affected muscles.

Tension knots must be kneaded out using pressure and manual manipulation. Although the massage may be slightly more uncomfortable than you are used to, the relief you experience afterward will make the discomfort worthwhile.

2. Improve Muscle Positioning

Many environmental factors can cause a muscle to be pulled out of place. Alignment problems with the skeletal system or chronic tension can affect the position of your deep supporting muscles. One of the goals of a deep tissue massage is to improve muscle positioning to provide you with relief from muscle fatigue and pain.

A massage therapist will use a variety of pressure techniques to manually reposition your muscles during a deep tissue massage. You may experience some discomfort during these manipulations, but proper muscle positioning will provide you with ongoing relief once your massage is complete.

3. Release Toxins

Free radicals are constantly moving through your body. These particles can infiltrate the cell wall and become stored in the fibers of your muscle tissue. Free radicals have been linked to cancer, so eliminating free radicals from your system on a regular basis is important.

Through the use of deep tissue massage techniques, your massage therapist can release free radicals that have become trapped within your major muscle groups. Provided that you drink plenty of water following your deep tissue massage to flush these toxins out, you can reduce the negative effect free radicals have on your health with regular massages.

Don't let the potential discomfort of a deep tissue massage deter you from enjoying the benefits these vigorous massages can provide. A deep tissue massage will provide you with long-term relief and protection against toxins that might harm your body.

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