Allergies That Come And Go: Reasons Why You Are Fine One Day And Miserable The Next

You call it "the sneak attack allergy." You are fine one moment and completely miserable the next. It comes out of the blue. Not a sneeze, nasal drip, or watery eye, and then BAM! you need a box of tissues and doses of allergy medication. Being inside or out does not seem to matter much either. Then, as quickly as it hit you, it is gone within hours or a single day. How on earth does this kind of allergy happen?  There are a few reasons why you experience these short-lived allergic responses.

Your Immune System Is a Little Run-Down

A couple stressful days at work and/or at home can weaken your immune system just enough to allow allergens  to sneak past your histamine system. When you begin to recover, your histamine system suddenly realizes that allergens sneaked past the "gate" (a.k.a., your nose). So the histamines kick into high gear to propel the allergens out.

When you have had one good day of rest and are not so stressed, the histamines realize you are not that sick, and they take a rest. Take a good look at the days preceding these allergy attacks to see if you have been overworked or stressed. That will tell you a lot.

The Spore Count or Pollen Count of a Particular Allergen Is REALLY High

Most people who do not regularly exhibit an allergic response to allergens will suddenly exhibit a response with spores or pollen is exceptionally high. Since weather apps and websites keep track of such things, check these sites/apps on the days when you do not have a response and on the days when your body suddenly seems out of control. It will help you discover which allergen may be to blame. Then have an allergist test you for a reaction to that particular allergen to confirm your findings. 

Allergens Can Stick to Clothes, Skin, and Furniture (and Pets, Too!)

The crazy thing about allergens is that they are very tiny and they can stick to everything. If you are not allergic to your dog, but your dog goes outside, runs around with the kids, and then comes back in and you get a snootful of whatever allergens he/she rolled in, it will affect you suddenly. If you mow the grass and release weed pollen, the weed pollen sticks to clothes, shoes, and skin. When you remove the clothes and shoes and do not shower until the following day, allergens can sneak past and get into your nose to drive you crazy. Always shower and bathe outdoor pets, kids, and clothing before sitting on your furniture to keep from itching, sneezing, tearing up, and that obnoxious runny nose.

Contact a clinic, like Mid America Ear, Nose, & Throat Clinic PC, for more help.

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