What To Expect From A 3D Mammogram

Mammograms are essential diagnostic tools used to detect breast cancer. Regular mammograms can detect breast cancer in early stages, allowing treatment to begin right away and increasing the chance of positive outcomes. While mammograms have been used for decades, 3D mammograms are relatively new technology. A 3D mammogram provides a clearer picture of the breast tissue, meaning that very small tumors can be detected earlier before they grow or the cancer spreads. If you have an appointment for a 3D mammogram, continue reading to learn more about what to expect:

Pay Attention to When You Schedule the Appointment

It is highly recommended to schedule your 3D mammogram appointment for just after the end of your menstrual cycle. The days following the end of a menstrual period are when the breasts are least tender, which makes for a better 3D mammogram experience. Paying attention to when you schedule your appointment can ensure that you are more comfortable.

Be Prepared

Before you can have a 3D mammogram done, you will need to have a bare torso. Thus, it is best to wear a loose top that is easy to remove before the procedure and put back on after it is completed. It is also important to refrain from applying lotion, perfume, deodorant, or any other type of body product to your torso area or underarms prior to your appointment, as these things can cause problems with the imaging collected by the 3D mammogram machine.

3D Mammogram Procedure

When it is time to begin the 3D mammogram, you will be instructed to stand in front of the mammogram machine and your breast will be held in place with compression plates. In order to get clear images, the compression plate will place pressure on the breast, essentially flattening it between the plates. Some women find this part of the procedure uncomfortable, but luckily it does not take long for the 3D mammogram machine to take all of the needed images of each breast.


3D mammograms are administered by a radiologic technologist, but the images taken during the mammogram are closely reviewed by a radiologist. The radiologist reviewing your 3D mammogram will carefully examine the images for any signs of masses in your breast tissue. If the radiologist sees anything on your mammogram that may be a cause for concern, you will be contacted and additional imaging techniques will be used to determine if breast cancer has been detected. 

Contact a provider, like Hudson Valley Imaging, for more help.

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