3 Ways To Feel Better After International Travel

Getting back from a long international trip is bittersweet. You are full of fun memories and you can't wait to show off your photos, but you are also likely feeling jet-lagged and drained. The combination of a drastic change in time zones, fatigue from days or weeks of sight-seeing finally catching up to you, and exposure to germs on the plane can all combine to leave you feeling extremely depleted and run-down. Instead of suffering quietly, follow these tips for getting your energy back as quickly as possible after international travel.

Try IV Hydration Services

IV hydration bars are now popping up in most major cities, and they are an ideal way to perk up and feel rested and healthy after a long-haul flight. You will start by filling out a survey or form to determine your hydration needs. You will then receive a custom-blended vitamin and nutrient mix via an IV. Since the vitamins go straight into your bloodstream, you may be shocked by how dramatically better you feel as soon as you leave your appointment. IV hydration is also ideal for cold and flu season or any time you feel run-down.

Consider Hiring a Housesitter

Even if you don't have pets, paying a housesitter to tend to your home while you're away can make your return much more pleasant. They can manage any household tasks that come up while you are away, leave your home spotlessly clean, water plants, take out the trash, and even run errands for you if you arrange for this extra service. This means that when you return from your long trip, you can simply unpack your suitcase, change into your most comfortable pajamas, and rest instead of dealing with the usual post-trip chores.

Schedule an Extra Day Off

While it may be tempting to maximize your vacation days by spending every single paid day off in your destination, it's usually a good idea to plan on spending your last vacation day at home. This gives you the chance to get plenty of sleep, catch up on emails, buy groceries, go to yoga class, and anything else that will leave you feeling like life is organized and calm. When you return to work the next day, your co-workers will marvel at how rested and un-frazzled you seem after a long adventure.

Getting an IV hydration drip and following the other tips in this post will have you feeling like new in no time, even after a long international journey.

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