Cool Features Of All-In-One Wellness Apps For Patients

Technology has etched its way into pretty much every aspect of the medical care field, and it has allowed so many changes for the better. One of the more modern ways technology is helping people to be more medically conscious of their own health is through all-in-one wellness apps. These apps can be made available by doctors and care providers to offer patients who want to do a better job of taking care of their health needs. Because the apps can be added to any smartphone device, patients can track their health any time they choose. Here is a look at some of the cool features all-in-one wellness apps can offer your patients. 

Personalized Health Assessments 

Most of these apps are designed to start off users with a personalized health assessment in the form of a detailed quiz that asks a series of questions about things like:

  • weight and height 
  • age
  • typical exercise and sleeping routines
  • health history
  • ongoing medical symptoms

Once the user has taken the quiz, the app uses the data to build personalized tips and recommendations to serve the patient in the best way possible. For example, if a user enters that they are diabetic, the app will be able to remind them to check their blood glucose levels at the same time every day. 

Engagement with the Care Provider

One of the coolest features of all-in-one wellness apps is it gives patients a way to connect to their care providers right from the app. The app can be used for things like making appointments or requesting a refill of prescription medications. Some wellness apps with advanced features set forth by the physician who oversees the app will allow a user to directly ask their doctor questions during the course of certain treatments. For instance, if they have been given a round of antibiotics for the flu and seem to be having side effects, they can ask the doctor what they should do. 

Full Nutrition Guides

Imagine going to the local fast food restaurant to grab lunch, and you don't see a nutrition menu, but you know you need to watch your carb and sugar intake. You simply open up your wellness app and pull up the nutrition guidelines tab to check the menu choices. A lot of wellness apps offer nutritional guides for patients that cover just about any kind of food they could ever eat because proper nutrition is such an important part of staying healthy. 

For more information, you can buy all-in-one wellness app software.

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