Ways To Control Ostomy Odors So You Feel Less Self-Conscious

One concern you probably have when you start wearing an ostomy pouch is odor. Even if you have your own private bathroom at home, you may still visit friends or use the bathroom in a public place and feel self-conscious about creating an odor. Here are a few suggestions for controlling ostomy odors so you can have better peace of mind when using a shared bathroom.

Identify Foods That Create Strong Odors

People react to foods in different ways, so it may help to identify those that create strong odors so you can avoid them when necessary. Some foods, such as cabbage and broccoli, are common for causing strong odors, but since they are healthy foods, you probably don't want to eliminate them from your diet. Instead, try avoiding them the day before you plan to spend the night at a friend's house or when you have a big event planned. There might even be certain foods that decrease odors in your body. Parsley and yogurt are two you might want to try.

Use Ostomy Odor Control Products

You can buy odor control products where you buy your ostomy supplies. Ostomy deodorizers are in crystal form, drops, or sprays. Place the product inside a new pouch when you put it on to control the odors throughout the day. These sprays and drops are sold in small containers so that you can carry them with you discreetly. Some even come in individual packets you can slip in a shirt pocket or wallet. These products work by destroying odor rather than by covering it up. They decrease bacteria and eliminate odor at its source. You can buy them in scented and unscented varieties.

Try Room Sprays

Another thing to try is an odor eliminating room spray to remove lingering odors in the bathroom. Be sure to buy room sprays from a medical supply store that are made to eliminate odors and not just cover them up. Products you buy at a grocery store are not effective on biological odor, and they might expose you to dangerous chemicals when you use them frequently.

Instead, buy products made for medical use. These are often sold in small bottles that hold a few ounces, so you can carry a spray with you conveniently. They typically disperse the spray with a pump rather than by aerosol, so they are less irritating to your nose. 

Another thing to consider is how you'll control the odor from your supplies when you put on a new pouch. Buy bags that hold in odor, such as strong kitchen trash bags, and seal them tightly if you can't take them outside right away. It might take a period of adjustment until you find the right way to control odors, but you have many options available depending on your needs. You don't have to worry about ostomy odors interfering with your social life or work life since there are products on the market designed to help with odor control.

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