Why You Should Seek Immediate Care For A Child's Ear Infection

If your ear child develops an ear infection on a Friday night or Saturday, then you will have to make the tough decision to find an urgent care facility or wait until Monday to make a general pediatrician appointment. While you may want to wait to minimize the stress on your child and your bank account, there are a few reasons why immediate attention is best.

Serious Complications Can Arise

Ear infections are quite common in children and they are typically treated with a simple course of antibiotics. However, if the infection is not treated correctly and in a timely manner, a few complications can arise. The infection can travel to the upper jaw bone, causing a bone infection issue called mastoiditis. The eardrum may also be injured due to the extensive inflammation and pressure. In rare cases, this can lead to hearing loss.

If the bacteria are able to break through the brain blood barrier, then bacterial meningitis can develop. This type of infection is a deadly one that often requires care in a hospital setting. Bacteria can also travel to nerves in the face and damage them. This can reduce the feeling in the face or it can cause long-term pain issues.

Abscesses Can Develop

It is true that some mild ear infections will resolve on their own. However, if the infection worsens due to the lack of treatment, then an abscess may develop. An abscess is a contained accumulation of pus This pus contains dead tissue, bacteria, and white blood cells. Both dead and alive cells and microorganisms are likely contained within the abscess. 

Abscesses are extremely painful and will often grow quite large. They may burst on their own, and if they do, they will force the infectious material to spread. If they do not burst, then a physician will need to drain the formation. 

Abscesses increase the chances of a secondary infection developing. Also, your child may need to take antibiotic medication for a longer period of time and sometimes several antibiotics will be needed to clear up the infection. 

Abscesses will often cause fevers as well, and this is likely to mean that your child will be more miserable than usual. You will need to watch the fever and treat it in some cases, depending on how much your child's temperature rises.

If you want to know more about ear infections and whether or not your child needs treatment for the ailment, contact a local urgent care facility like Emergency Care Dynamics

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