Speech Therapy And Your Job

If you are finding that you aren't doing as well as you would like to in your current position, then you may want to consider hiring a speech therapist to help you improve your success. You may have always thought a speech therapist is someone who helps those with speech impediments only, but this is simply not the case. A speech therapist can help many people in many different ways and that includes helping some people, such as yourself, to improve the success they see at work. Here are some of the ways a speech therapist can help you with your career.

You will learn how to correct mumbling

There may be many reasons why you may mumble at times. You may get so excited when you are talking with clients or customers that you end up mumbling and when you do this, they will either ask you to repeat yourself, or they will let you continue and miss out on some of the information that you were giving them, simply because they didn't understand you. If that information was important, then it can cost you to lose out on sales or other business opportunities. A speech therapist can help you to realize when you are mumbling and what is triggering you to do it. Then, they can help you to speak without mumbling, so you can improve the success you see at work.

 You will learn to project your voice in a strong and capable manner

In business, if you have a meek voice, then it can really hinder your success. It can prevent people from taking you seriously. On the other hand, if you have a strong and capable voice that you project with just the right amount of strength, then you can see great results. Since you don't hear your voice the way others do, it can be hard for you to know just how to project it the way you should. A speech therapist can help you to learn how to project your voice in a way that helps you see better results with your career.

You will learn that speaking is about more than talking

When you are speaking to customers, there may be other things you are doing that can be leading to problems. A speech therapist can help educate you on other things you should be doing when you are talking to customers, such as maintaining eye contact in a non-creepy way, following good body movements and other things that can all come together to help you become a better speaker.

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