Memory Care Activities For Alzheimers Patients

If you have a relative that is currently undergoing any kind of brain condition treatment for Alzheimer's disease, then you are aware of how the disease can affect the brain. Fortunately, there are several memory care activities that you can use to assist with keeping your loved one's mind alert. Here are some that you can try.


Did your loved one enjoy, a specific type of music in the past? Make a compilation of this music and let them listen to it. It will bring back memories of another time which will help to stimulate their mind and improve memory. If your loved one enjoyed playing a musical instrument encourage them to continue or if they are so inclined help them to take up the piano or another musical instrument. Music helps with learning and retention. That is why songs that teach the alphabet and numbers are so helpful for getting children to learn.


Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain. They tend to be highly effective for Alzheimer's patients. Try giving your loved one jigsaw puzzles, this will assist them with their problem-solving skills.  A daily crossword puzzle is also a great way to assist with memory care. Crossword puzzles provide an easy way to stimulate the brain and get it do problem solving which helps to slow down degeneration.


It's no secret that reading stimulates learning and imagination. Encourage your loved one to read short books. These may be fiction or non-fiction. Try getting them short stories that are set in the past to help to stimulate their long-term memory. You can also read these books to your loved one if they will allow it or buy recorded books that will stimulate the imagination.

Let Them Watch The Classics

Movies that are set in the past or which were made in the past are another great way to stimulate your loved one's memory. Get a list of their favorites from the past and download them. Keep a key eye out for new movies that are set in the time your loved one was a child or became an adult. This walk down memory lane will help to stimulate their brain.

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's it can be a devastating time because you know their brain will be affected. However, if you take the time to do memory care activities with them you can effectively slow the disease's effect on their brain.

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