3 Ways To Prepare For The Side Effects Of A Medical Abortion

Some women prefer to seek out early surgical abortion clinics when they need an abortion. A medical abortion, however, is a process that does not have to be done in a clinic. A medical abortion is induced through the use of two different medications taken on two different days. Although taking these medications is a safe practice, it is not without side effects. You can lessen the side effects by preparing for them before you take the medication.

#1 Have Plenty of Liquids on Hand

Going through a process like a medical abortion can really put stress on your body. When you stress out your body and put it through a workout, you need to make sure that you are well hydrated.

Make sure that you drink a lot of water on the day leading up to your medical abortion. Keep a water bottle on hand throughout the two days as you go through your medical abortion and during the recovery process.

Also, make sure that you keep other liquids around, such as sports drinks that have electrolytes and juices that contain lots of vitamins.

#2 Have Some Heating Pads Ready

Next, when you have a medical abortion, you are putting your uterus, which is a big muscle, through a workout. After going through such an intense workout, it is common to experience cramping, much like you do on your period.

You can pick up heating pads at the pharmacy. Many dollar stores also carry one-time use heating pads. Or you can make your own.

Or pack up a clean sock with some dry rice or dry beans and microwave it for thirty seconds. This is how homemade heating pads that you see sold at craft store and fairs are made.

This way, when your body starts to cramp up, you have something on hand to relieve the pain and tension.

#3 Easy-to-Eat Foods

Finally, taking the medication for a medical abortion is rough on some people's stomachs, so you are going to want to make sure that you have some easy-to-eat food on hand.

Make sure that you have food on hand that you find easy to eat when you have an upset stomach. Everyone's need are different in this category, so get together the food that you enjoy both when you are cramping and when you have an upset stomach so no matter how you feel, you'll have something to eat.

If you are planning on having a medical abortion, have lots of liquids on hand so you can stay hydrated; have food that you enjoy eating when you are cramping or when you have a stomachache; and, make sure that you have some heating pads on hand to ease the pain.

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