Cancer Risks And Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are considering having a breast augmentation surgery completed, like a breast lift, then you may have heard that surgical procedures can increase your cancer risks. This is a real concern for many women. Keep reading to learn a little bit about this issue.

Can Breast Surgery Increase Breast Cancer Risks?

According to research, breast implants can increase your risk of developing a specific type of cancer. While this information is true, the cancer type is a rare one and may be linked to your genetics. In other words, if you have an implant placed and are already genetically predisposed to the formation of breast cancer, then the development of the disease may be a concern. In general, this is often linked to inflammation after the surgical procedure.

If you are not genetically predisposed, then cancer is not a huge concern. However, you should know that implants can make it difficult for mammograms to be completed. X-rays cannot penetrate saline or silicone implants, meaning that the implant itself will stop your doctor form seeing the tissue that sits just behind the implant. If this is an issue for you, then you can ask your surgeon to place the implant behind the pectoral muscle so all of the breast tissue can be seen during an imaging test. 

Are Cancer Risks Sometimes Reduced?

Believe it or not, breast cancer risks can sometimes be reduced by the completion of an augmentation surgery. This is the case when a reduction is completed. If you are concerned about the appearance of your breasts, then keep in mind that reductions can be completed in conjunction with a breast lift.

Simply put, if your breasts are smaller, then there is less tissue to become compromised by cellular and DNA damage. Thus, cancer risks are reduced. 

Typically, cancer risks are a consideration when it comes to breast reductions and lift procedures when an individual is already at risk of developing cancer. So, if you are genetically predisposed and have larger breasts, a reduction may be something to think about. 

You should know that the reduction is not the same thing as a preventative mastectomy. Preventative mastectomies involve the complete removal of the breast tissue and the placement of implants to replace the tissue. This is one of the only definitive surgery that will prevent breast cancer completely. 

If you want to know more about breast surgeries and whether or not cancer should be a concern, speak with a plastic surgeon.

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