Ever Wondered About Medical Cannabis? 3 Health Problems It Can Treat

Medical cannabis has been around for a while now and some doctors are starting to use it to treat ailments. If you have ever wondered about this, below is information about what medical cannabis is, as well as three health problems it can treat.

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis uses the marijuana plant to produce medical cannabis. The marijuana plant has a variety of chemicals, including cannabinoids. THC is what makes people feel high when marijuana is smoked. THC is not in medical cannabis, however.

You do not smoke medical cannabis, but instead it is an oil that you ingest. You can buy this online, but you should see a doctor to prescribe this to you. This is because it is important that you take the right dosage each day for the medical cannabis to work properly.

It may not work for all people, however, but it is worth a try as this is a more natural way to treat health problems then using medications.

Health Problems Medical Cannabis Can Treat

One health problem medical cannabis has been known to treat is seizures. The FDA has approved a medication known as epidiolex to treat some forms of epilepsy. It can be given to children two ages and older. It does depend on what type of epilepsy the person has, however. This is because epidiolex only treats Dravet Syndrome and Gasstaut Syndrome.

Medical cannabis can also treat dementia. It will not prevent this, however, but instead treat the symptoms. For example, if you have a parent that has dementia.

Dementia is a bad disease that affects the mind and generally happens when people reach 70 or above. There is also early onset dementia that affects people much younger. No matter the type medical marijuana can help ease behavioral symptoms, such as aggressiveness, confusion, and more. This will not only make your parent feel better but also help the family members that care for your parent.

Medical cannabis can also treat pain in some people according to research. People that smoke marijuana has found some pain relief. Because of this, doctors have developed a medication to take that will help with pain, so the patient does not have to smoke anything.

Talk to a doctor that prescribes medical cannabis and they can give you a lot more information. The doctor can also tell you of other health problems this can treat. This will help you decide if you would like to use this for yourself.

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