Tips For Making Sure Your Breast Lift Is Long Lasting

If your breasts have been sagging due to age, then you may want to speak with a plastic surgeon who is able to perk them up with a procedure called a breast lift. Breast lifts are fairly standard cosmetic procedures that involve removing the sagging skin around the breast and lifting the breast slightly. If you decide to undergo the surgery, then you probably want the results to last as long as possible. There are a few things you can do to encourage longevity.

Take Care Of The Skin

Breast lifts are often completed when the skin stretches and the breasts start to pull downward. This stretching has a lot to do with lost elasticity when the breasts stretch over a long period of time. While elasticity does reduce significantly with age, there are some things you can do to retain elasticity after your breast lift procedure. 

Collagen is necessary for good skin health and elasticity, so make sure your body is able to produce all of the collagen it needs. Vitamin C is one nutrient necessary to create collagen, so consider taking a supplement. Also, you should eat a good deal of lean protein, as amino acids are the building blocks that make up the collagen. Vitamin E is a nutrient needed to keep the skin healthy too.

General skin care can be helpful in encouraging elasticity, and this includes drinking plenty of water and protecting your skin from sun damage. Sun damage protection means wearing UV protective clothing or wearing sunscreen on your body. 

Wear A Bra

If you forego the use of a bra, then this will encourage the breasts to sag and stretch, and this will undo the positive results of your breast lift. This is especially true if you do not wear a bra when jogging or generally working out. In this situation, a supportive active bra or sports bra is ideal to keep breast stretching at bay. 

When not exercising, wear a normal bra with full coverage. Underwire bras, as well as ones with wide straps, are a good choice. 

When sleeping, go with a comfortable sleeping bra. These bras are often soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Cups are far less defined when it comes to sleeping bras, so they are perfect for sleeping. They do not provide a lot of support though, so they should be replaced with a regular bra once you wake up.

If you want to know more about breast lifts and the types of things you can do to make the results last, speak with a plastic surgeon. 

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