Reasons To Stay Away From Zero-Alcohol Beer And "Mocktails" After Getting Sober

Getting sober after a struggle with alcohol should make you think of two things. For starters, you should be happy about the accomplishment and proud of the commitment that you've made to your health. At the same time, you need to be mindful that alcohol may continue to be attractive to you throughout your life, and that you must always make decisions that won't lead you to start drinking again. After achieving sobriety, many former alcoholics drink non-alcohol beer and "mocktails" — cocktails that don't contain any alcohol. Doing so might seem appealing, but it's generally not a good idea. Here's why.

They Remind You Of Drinking

Zero-alcohol beer and mocktails will remind you of drinking in a number of ways. Visually, these beverages certainly look like alcoholic beverages. Taste-wise, there are lots of similarities, too. When you get into the habit of consuming these drinks, it can bring you back to the time that you were consuming alcohol. Soon enough, you may feel tempted to once again reach for a bottle of beer or a cocktail, and doing so can quickly send you spiraling into alcoholism.

They Encourage You To Be Around Drinkers

While it's possible that you might plan to enjoy zero-alcohol beer and mocktails on your own, a more likely scenario is that you'll turn to these beverages when you're with friends who are consuming alcohol. Whether you're at a bar or at a house party, the consumption of these drinks may make you feel as though you're fitting in with your peers. The concern, however, is that it's risky to spend time with those who consume alcohol when you're newly sober. You may find that the temptation to begin drinking again is high because of how much drinking is going on around you.

They Can Make You Crave More

Zero-alcohol beer and especially mocktails are high in carbs — the latter beverage is usually loaded with sugar — and this can affect your blood sugar. The issue with consuming high-carb drinks is that you'll often want more. Theoretically, there's little harm in drinking high volumes of zero-alcohol beer and mocktails, although weight gain might be something that you eventually contend with. However, the problem here is that if you start to drink these beverages a lot, it may make you feel a sentiment such as, "I'm drinking five or six zero-alcohol beers in an evening — maybe it's healthier to just have one regular beer." Consuming just one beer is unlikely, given your history, and you can quickly find yourself drinking heavily again.

Contact an alcohol rehabilitation program in your area for more assistance.

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