Serious Signs That You Might Be Thinking Too Much About Suicide

Many people suffer from varying degrees of depression, but the good news is that this mental health condition is often treatable. Medication, talk therapy, and other forms of treatment can help you to put depression behind you and live a better life. The most concerning depression cases are those in which the affected person commits suicide. If you've been battling with depression, it's possible that you've had fleeting thoughts about taking your life, but there can come a point at which you're thinking too much about it. If you've experienced these serious signs, it's definitely time to ask for help.

You've Researched Different Methods

While there are some people who commit suicide in a compulsive and spontaneous manner, there are others who meticulously research it. It's definitely a warning sign if you find yourself looking into various ways that you might be able to take your life. For example, you might read about different methods online, perhaps in an effort to find which way is the quickest or provides the least amount of pain. Maybe you've casually done research in the past or perhaps you're finding yourself trying to learn about this topic frequently. Either way, it's a sign that you should get help.

You've Bought Something Related

Depending on how serious you feel about taking your life, even if this feeling comes and goes at various times, it's possible that you've bought something that you might eventually use to take your life. For example, if you've thought about swallowing an overdose of pills, you might have bought the pills legally or illegally and just stashed them somewhere in your home. This is a major warning sign, as the likelihood of committing suicide may be greater if you already have the mechanism that you'd use.

You've Practiced Writing A Note

Not everyone who takes his or her own life leaves a note behind, but many people do. It's possible that you've dabbled with writing various drafts of this note. For example, perhaps you've thought about what it might be like to write a suicide note, and penned a rough copy that you've since thrown out. Or maybe you've actually written what you think will be your suicide note and kept it hidden somewhere. Each of these warning signs suggest that suicide is more than just a passing thought to you, so it's in your best interest to get help from a depression treatment program.

If you struggle with clinical depression, contact a mental health clinic like Shore TMS for help.

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