Tips For Arranging A Medical Flight For Your Ill Child

If your child is seriously ill and requires medical treatment that isn't available in your local area, then a medical flight is necessary to get them to a higher level of care. Since you have likely never had to arrange for the services of an air ambulance before and are probably feeling overwhelmed by the entire situation, these tips will help you find a provider and get your child to the medical care they need as soon as possible:

Tip: Gather Up All of Your Child's Medical Records and Pertinent Information

When your child travels by air ambulance, the EMTs need to have as much information about their medical condition as possible. Knowing about your child's illness helps the medical personnel on the flight safely help your child and keep them as safe as possible during the transport. Additionally, if your child has any medication allergies or other issues, make sure you let the transport provider know this information.

Tip: Get a Quote from Each Air Ambulance Service that Services Your Area's Local Airport

Even in very rural areas, there is typically more than one air ambulance service who can transport your child where they need to go. To determine the best carrier and to get the best price for the transport if it isn't covered by your health insurance policy, contact each of the local providers and get a quote from them. 

Tip: Ensure the Air Transport Company You Choose for Your Child is Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

All air medical transport companies in the United States are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, also known as the CAMTS, and you should verify their accreditation status on the CAMTS website. If a transport company isn't accredited, then choose a different carrier.

Tip: Pack as Light as Possible for the Airline Flight

Since medical transport helicopters and planes carry a lot of medical equipment, they often don't have a lot of room for baggage. For this reason, you should either pack very lightly for your child or plan to take their necessary items along with you on your own commercial flight.

Tip: Don't Forget to Prearrange for Ground Transportation Post-Flight

Finally, unless the medical transport is taking your child directly to a hospital, make sure you prearrange for ground transportation from the airport to the hospital. This will save you frustration and time when your child arrives at the destination airport.

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