Sudden Snoring: Not Just Annoying

The sudden onset of snoring can be disturbing for both your bed partner and you. For your bed partner, the snoring interrupts what should have been a good night's sleep. For you, the snoring can not only wake you up, but it can signal an underlying health issue that needs prompt attention. Sometimes the cause is temporary and not that alarming, but if you find the snoring isn't going away, a trip to an ENT is in order.

Allergies and Sinus Problems

A classic temporary cause of snoring is the onset of an allergy, sinus problem, or upper respiratory infection like a cold. If your nasal passages or throat become congested, that can create a partial blockage that creates that snoring sound as air tries to force its way past the obstacle. Once the condition clears up, the snoring should cease.

Did You Just Change Your Pillow?

How you sleep has a lot to do with how you sound in your sleep. If you've switched pillows and your head is now at a slightly odd angle when you sleep, that could close off your airway a bit and make you snore. Try changing your pillow again and see if that helps. If not, talk to an ENT who deals with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where you basically stop breathing for a few seconds in your sleep due to an obstruction in your airway, which can be from an odd neck position or any number of other causes.

Weight Gain

One of those apnea causes is weight gain. The extra weight presses down on your chest and throat, leading to an obstruction. Losing weight can help stop this type of apnea and snoring, but because it can take time to lose enough weight, you should visit an ENT in the meantime.

Relaxed Throat Muscles

Even if you don't have extra weight, if your throat muscles have relaxed, the tissue can sag into the airway. Alcohol consumption, being overtired, and even being sleep deprived can make those muscles relax more than they should. While you can do a little to help these (don't drink alcohol, get proper rest), work with an ENT in the meantime as your throat tissues could remain more relaxed than you'd like as you fix these other issues.

Ear nose and throat doctors handle a wide range of issues related to your airways. Do not assume that your snoring is permanent, or that it is harmless. See an ENT, such as at Surgery Center of Kenai, for help.

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