Tips For Preparing Your Home For Your Knee Surgery Recovery

If you are going to have knee surgery soon, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to set up your home to make things easier on yourself. If so, use one or more of the following tips for preparing your house for your upcoming knee surgery recovery period.

Remove Clutter on the Floors

Before you start making preparations and setting up your living areas, the first thing you should do before you knee surgery is to remove all clutter from the floors. Since you will probably be walking on crutches for a while, you want to remove any obstacles that would make it harder to walk around, as well as could make you trip and fall.

Along with moving stray objects from the floor, you also want to temporarily remove any throw rugs that could slide under your weight and make you fall. If you cannot or do not want to remove them, apply two-sided tape underneath the rugs to keep them from sliding.

Set up Your Main Recovery Area

Another way you can prepare yourself is to go ahead and set up your main recovery area. Especially in the days following your surgery, you will be doing a lot of sitting.

If possible, select a chair that is the same height or a little higher than your knees so that you do not have to bend too low when sitting down. Once you have your chair selected, move a table next to it where you can place your phone, books, drinks, remote control, and anything else you will need.

Make Your Bathroom Easier to Use

Before you have your knee surgery, you should also prepare your bathroom to make it easier to use. Along with clearing up the floor and removing the rugs, you can install a couple of aids to help you.

For example, if your toilet seat is very low, consider getting a raised seat so that you do not have to bend down as far to use the bathroom. You may also want to install handrails on the sides of the toilet, as well as in your shower, so that you can stabilize yourself as you try to maneuver.

Using the tips above can help you prepare your home so that the time spent recovering from your knee surgery is easier and more comfortable. For more information on how to prepare yourself, speak with the orthopaedic surgeon who will be performing your surgery.

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