Signs You Are Ready To Join A Weight Loss Program

If ten people join a weight loss program, usually not all of them will lose weight. What's the difference between those who do lose weight and those who don't? While there are likely many factors involved, a big one is how ready the participants actually were to stick with the program and drop the pounds. Regardless of the program you join, you really have to be ready and committed to get results. So what are some signs that you've reached the point of readiness where weight loss efforts will be effective?

You're sick and tired of being heavy.

If you are simply tired of waking up every day to face the same weight-related challenges, this is one sign you may be ready to take a weight loss program seriously. Much like addicts sometimes have to reach rock bottom to realize they have a problem, overweight people need to grow sick and tired of their weight to do something about it. 

You have support among friends and family members.

Now, many weight loss programs include a support group component because it's well known that support from others is important for weight loss. But to find success in a weight loss program, you also need to have the support of friends and family members you live with. If your partner and family members are prepared to cheer you on, stick to a diet plan alongside you, and be there for more general support, then this is a good sign.

You're ready to address emotional issues,

For most people, weight gain is not really about the weight. It's about emotions. To lose weight and keep it off, you will need to address those underlying emotions. If you do not yet feel comfortable digging into this or giving your emotions more thought, then you may not be quite ready to joint a weight loss program. Give yourself a little more grace and time, consider seeing a therapist, and then reconsider a few months down the road.

You have some extra time.

Weight loss programs these days tend to be designed to fit in and work around busy schedules. But you will still need to dedicate some time to attending meetings and appointments. If you can spare a few hours a week, then you're in a good place to join a program.

So, do you feel ready to join a weight loss program? Explore a few options in your area, and reach out to your doctor if you need specific recommendations. When you're truly ready, you will succeed. 

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