Consultation With A Domestic Violence Expert Witness

Domestic violence and intimate partner violence cases are usually complex. The nature of the plaintiff and defendant's relationship and the evidence required to prove a case make domestic violence cases harder than most cases. Thus, courts and lawyers are often forced to turn to expert witnesses when settling domestic violence cases. Domestic violence expert witnesses specialize in cases involving domestic abuse, child neglect, and other family law issues. They help prepare witnesses, offer expert testimony in court, and assist lawyers in jury selection. Below are a few benefits of consulting a domestic violence expert witness when preparing for trial.

Expert Testimony on the Involved Parties' Mental States

Domestic violence expert witnesses primarily offer expert testimony in court to help the court come to a determination. Domestic violence expert witnesses possess experience and guide courts in determining a defendant or plaintiff's actions. For instance, domestic violence expert witnesses can help courts clarify self-defense arguments. The domestic violence expert witness explains the mental state of a victim acting in self-defense during a domestic abuse incident. Moreover, domestic violence expert witnesses can help courts understand the traumatic impact of intimate partner and child abuse on victims during divorce, child custody, and criminal cases. 

Expert Recommendations During Plea Bargaining

Domestic violence expert witness consultation is essential in plea bargaining. The prosecution and defense may agree to settle out of court in a plea agreement rather than proceeding to court. In such cases, procedures are still followed, and parties must negotiate a reasonable plea bargain based on facts that the court can accept. Thus, domestic violence expert witness consultation helps parties understand culpability from the expert testimony in criminal cases involving domestic abuse and child neglect. The prosecution and defense agree on a plea bargain agreement reflecting fair terms based on the testimony of the domestic violence expert witness. 

Determining Fair Compensation on the Victim

Domestic violence expert testimony is also vital in tort cases. Usually, victims seeking compensation in tort cases must show that they suffered injury or harm and that the defendant is responsible. Moreover, the defendant must prove that the injury or harm suffered is not remote from the plaintiff's actions. Thus, parties often need expert testimony to prove the extent of injuries or damage suffered. Domestic violence expert witnesses help victims establish a basis for a compensatory award by explaining the extent of damages victims suffer in intimate partner violence cases. Settling cases involving familial ties and abuse are complicated, forcing courts to rely heavily on expert witnesses. Thus, selecting the right domestic violence expert witness when preparing for trial may be the difference in the outcome.

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