Depressed And Can't Get Better? See A Mental Health Counselor For Help

If you are depressed and have tried everything you can think of but aren’t feeling any better, you should consider seeing a mental health counselor. This type of counselor can help you in many ways so you can start to feel better. Keep reading to learn about different types of therapies they may choose to help you. 

Help You Determine Why You Are Depressed

In some cases, there is no reason for depression, and it just hits out of the blue. It can be common to feel sad for a little time but if the sadness will not go away, you may be depressed. No matter the type of depression you have, the mental health counselor will talk with you to determine why you are feeling this way. 

It could be due to a loss in the family or the loss of a job. Having a lot of high stress in your job or with your family can also cause feelings of sadness. If you have just had a baby, it is common to feel depressed after you give birth due to hormone fluctuations. In some cases, depression runs in families so this can be a big risk factor. 

Therapies for Depression

There are a variety of therapies the mental health counselor can use to help you with depression. One is having individual therapy to start and then moving to group therapy. Individual therapy is also known as psychotherapy. This may be beneficial in the beginning when you are determining why you are feeling depressed. Group therapy is beneficial as you will be around other people having the same feelings as you. 

Another common form of treatment is known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This is also known as talk therapy. The doctor teaches you different ways to deal with depression symptoms. The therapist helps you turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Over time, you will be able to better cope with the emotions and thoughts you have each day. 

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) may also be used if you have certain disorders along with depression. This may be bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, binge eating, bulimia, etc. This works much like CBT but is a more intense treatment. This is because people with DBT often have extremely negative and intense emotions that are much more difficult to manage. 

Talk with the mental health counselor in your area to learn more about how to combat depression.

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